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Wayne's Candy Co., Inc. is your place for candy favorites such as Krank Pops, Baby Bottle Flash Pops, Flash Pops, Soda Can, Quick Blast Sour Spray, Sweet Soaker Water Gun, Ribbit Pops, Blink Pops, Big Slugger Gumballs with key ring, Sour Flush, Sports Balls Gumball Dispenser, Slam Dunk Gumball Dispenser, Rock Paper Scissors, Sweet Racer Candy Filled, and Gas Pump.

•  Sour Soda Pop

•  Bubble Dozer

•  Pirate Flash Pop

•  Rescue Cars

•  Touchdown

•  Sucker Punch

•  Sweet Truck

•  Sweet Loader

All your favorite classic novelty candies

•  Formula 1 Racer

•  Garfield Bubble Tape

•  Yoyo Mania

•  Flash Pop Ring

•  Big Dipper

•  Gator Chomp

•  Fan Pop

•  Candy Necklaces

•  Slush Puppie Dip N Lik

•  Pacifier Pop

•  Slush Puppy Spray

•  Snake Spray

•  Princess Candy Bracelets

•  Ice Cream Twist N Lik

•  Candy Fan

Candies that are oldies but goodies

Candies for parties

Reasonably priced toy candies

Popular character candies

•  Giant Straws

•  Flip Phones

•  Carnival Pops

•  Transformer Pop

•  Pop Toys

Ask about our 50 additional types of novelty candies!

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